Upcoming Series: ASIMULANT

A while back I posted on Twitter that I’m intending to post a short story or two a month online. My intention was to start in February, with a story I was currently working on about a technomancer and an artificial person he helps achieve personal freedom.

The story took on a life of its own. Several revisions in, I came to the conclusion that there was considerably more to it, too many questions left unanswered. When I stepped back and looked at the outline, it became pretty clear that this story was needed to be a series.

The first story in the series, Artificial Horizon should be coming by the end of March, posted here and on the usual sites. The second story in the arc, Between Your World And Mine, will come soon after.

How many installments in the series? It’s looking like there’ll be five, coming between now and probably June.

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